You cant defeat Free Minded people like smokers

Ever wondered about that 20% of hardcore smokers that just Piss Hell out of Tobacco Control. The ones who just say Fuck You and smoke any damn way.

Have we thought hard about the spirit these folks show in that face of constant attack on their way of life. Yet they just don’t care what TC or the government does to criminalize them. They simply know they are not criminals and they act as free people should and defy prohibitionists with such ferocity to the BS everywhere.

Then you have that .00001% who fight back daily at every turn and battle the Nazi facist healthists at every turn. In fact they thirst and hunger for battle with the slime bags of public health.

Yet TOBACCO CONTROL wont even fight back hardly any longer,their at the end of their trail. They have no ideas left short of out and out prohibition.

Even Clive Bates is pretty sure its over for TC and anymore attempts at tougher laws or higher taxes even. They just cant make people do what they want them to do…………

Yet they find such actions as defying them unfathomable!

They scream, they kick,They cant even understand what freedom is and what people will do when forced into a corner. The people push back they ignore the facist edicts,theyd sooner go to jail or be fined than obey the bastards.

Im one of the few who doesn’t give a shit about any of their rules or laws in fact its high time we just went back to smoking inside anywhere we damn well please. What they gonna do toss us all in jail!

Here in America we have the 9th amendment along with many others in the bill of rights to protect our liberties as the same as enumerated rights.

We don’t have to submit to them and they know they are wrong but they don’t care. They are control Freaks total openly Nazified Totalitarians.

Forget health that’s never been the reason and damn well we know it as its all junk science from direct smoking claims to passive smoke to third hand crap…….

Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

This amendment is used to protect the citizenry from any expansion of governmental power because of the limited nature of the Bill of Rights. Because every right of the people of the United States could not possibly be mentioned in the Constitution, the Ninth Amendment was added to supplement those already mentioned. The amendment protects many rights implied in a universal civil code, and those that are linked to other rights already declared. It protects these personal liberties from state and federal infringement.

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