The tobacco endgame: Radical proposals part of strategy to win faltering war on smoking

The tobacco endgame: Radical proposals part of strategy to win faltering war on smoking


This is in Canada:

In the faltering war against cigarettes, the latest battle cries are eye openers: prohibit smoking for anyone born after the year 2000; require a licence to buy cigarettes; nationalize the tobacco industry.

All have been proposed as part of the “tobacco endgame,” a radical — and controversial — new approach to the smoking scourge that a select group of Canadian public-health experts will discuss later this year.

Amazing ehh! Radical no because they have all been proposed and enacted before.

It appears Public Health Canada is on their last leg and going full bore NAZI!

” Canada’s first tobacco-endgame “summit” is planned for Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont., this fall. It will be headed by Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer, the oncology department chairwoman, with about 100 invitation-only public-health and policy experts brainstorming a blueprint for dramatic action.”

LAST LEG might be just the correct statement,the BLACKMARKET in Canada is now so big Ive read in some Provinces 80% of the market is contraband but Canada is a veteran of Black market activities from the 1990s the last time they raised taxes so high on tobacco and were the forced to lower those taxes to stop the losses in revenue streams. Besides enforcement costs.

Then they go on;

But even in the anti-smoking world, a minority is questioning the concept on both practical and philosophical grounds, calling the most-discussed endgame tactics autocratic pipe-dreams that would likely achieve little.

Most of the proposals are variations on prohibition — an idea that has failed in most other domains and eras, says David Sweanor, an Ottawa lawyer and long-time anti-smoking activist.

PROHIBITION the Magic Word finally used by the enemy in full view with no reserves!

Then the original birthplace of all the NAZI anti-smoking ideology shows up in full guilt;


Academic researchers, experts from health charities like the Canadian Cancer Society and anti-smoking activists — essentially, the brain trust behind most of the current tobacco-reduction measures — will meet Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at Queen’s; some government officials are also expected to attend.

Minds are open, says Eisenhauer. She points to an article by researchers at the University of California at San Francisco as a guide to what the international endgame movement has dreamed up so far.

This includes mandating lower levels of addictive nicotine in cigarettes, changing the pH balance to make them more acrid, limiting sales by requiring a tobacco licence, or prohibiting a whole generation — everyone born after, say, 2000 — from smoking. ”

First off in America this wouldn’t even be allowed.

changing the pH balance to make them more acrid or the limiting of natural nicotine levels. Prohibiting by age born,another simpleton idea on total prohibition.

The blamarkets would grow so big the legal market would collapse under the weight of their products being so crappy everyone would be selling better grade cigarettes on the corners and alleys or simply under the counter in mom and pop shops.

Truly TC has just wasted its last breath,Governments are not going to let the cash cow of tobacco go away,they love it!

The tobacco endgame: Radical proposals part of strategy to win faltering war on smoking

The Canadian endgame group is not about to urge a raft of radical ideas all at once, but a more gradual process, says Schwartz.

“We’re not calling for a revolution.”

”NAA JUST TOTAL PROHIBITION with a plan to get there,basically they wrote their own grave stone marker!”

Even so, Clive Bates is convinced the endgame plans are generally “terrible ideas that won’t work.”

Any kind of partial or full ban or attempt to make legal tobacco less appealing would drive smokers to contraband products like never before, says Bates, a former head of Britain’s chief anti-smoking group, Action on Smoking and Health.


5 thoughts on “The tobacco endgame: Radical proposals part of strategy to win faltering war on smoking

  1. harleyrider1978

    The biggest single issue tobaco control is facing isnt its propaganda its the factevery country and government in the world is financially bankrupt and theres a coming world wide depression on the horizon. These anti-tobacco health nazis are being defunded all over the world just like the UK just banned any taxpayer money from being used to lobby with. Then the total defunding of hundreds of these same groups all over the world by governments because of heavy deficit spending. TC makes no money they create no wealth, what they create is an atmosphere of propaganda and lost revenues in the 10s of billions in many nations plus enforcement costs and the case of highr crime rates for smuggling and street control for selling in turf wars.


  2. Smoking Lamp

    The endgame is prohibition. We ned to fight it at every avenue. They won’t stop with smoking. They are after ll tobacco, vaping, sugar, meat, alcohol… They want a bunch of passive Vegan proles they can manipulate for their own power and profit.



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