Our hostess lit up at the dinner table. Was I wrong to leave the room? Add to …

The question

A little while ago, my wife and I were invited to a dinner party. It was a lovely meal, and all of us were engaging in pleasant after-dinner repartee when the hostess, who was sitting beside me, lit up a cigarette. I quit smoking 30 years ago.

I don’t like inhaling those fumes. When I pass someone smoking on the street, I hold my breath until I’m out of range.

I knew our host and hostess were smokers, but thought they only did it in one room,

to protect their adult daughter, who still lives with them.

It did not occur to me that anyone in this day and age would think it cool to light up in a roomful of non-smokers.

I got up and went to another room.

Eventually, my hostess asked whether I suffered from some ailment that was aggravated by cigarette smoke. I just said I wasn’t used to it.

My wife says since we were guests at the smoker’s house, I should have bitten the bullet. What do you think?

It would appear this man is a deranged Nazi according to every standard we who fight daily have run across these last 8 and longer years.

He’s said all the classic claims!

Could he be suffering from ASDS Anti-smoker Delusional Symptons,Id say and affirmative and resounding yes. This man is a classic case of delusional thoughts and he now writes and gets paid to do it,but whose paying him a sock puppet like ASH or CRUK?

I don’t know the man at all,dont know his background nor his politics although that seems easily identifiable!

But he is  a typical anti-smoking fanatic, fortunately he doesn’t claim to have thrown his hands up in the air when his hostess lit up. Naa, instead he goes into a tantrum and runs to a hiding place hoping his tantrum gets noticed and he does according to his story.

” Eventually, my hostess asked whether I suffered from some ailment that was aggravated by cigarette smoke. I just said I wasn’t used to it. ”

I wasn’t used to it! I gather he isn’t use to cooking foods or bad body odor or car exhausts or cookout smoke…….OMG poor man he must suffer such delusional thoughts in his daytime hours,one can only guess his nite time dreams must be sheer hell.

I can see this man believing in the ZOMBIE APPOCALYPSE in a dream being attacked by smoking zombies! But theres no place to run,no room for a tantrum its doom and gloom!

Truly todays anti-smoking fanatics must all suffer somatization complexes like this ;

Nord Med. 1994;109(4):121-5.
[Environmental somatization syndrome. How to deal with the external milieu syndrome?].
[Article in Swedish]
Nilsson CG, Göthe CJ, Molin C.
SourceMed Rehabiliteringskliniken, Huddinge Sjukhus.

Somatization is a tendency to experience and communicate psychogenic distress in the form of somatic symptoms and to seek medical help for them. Patients suffering from environmental somatization syndrome (ESS) consider their symptoms to be caused by exposure to chemical or physical components of the external environment or by ergonomic stress at work. ESS is distinguished by mental contagiousness and a tendency to cluster. Sometimes it explodes in wide-spread epidemics that may be escalated by mass-media campaigns. Extensive ESS epidemics have been connected to, i.a., arsenic, carbon monoxide (“generator gas poisoning”), mercury (“oral galvanism”), carbon-free copy papers, electromagnetic fields (“electric allergy”) and repetitive movements (“repetition strain injury”, RSI). The typical patient directs the interest on the external environment, refuses alternative explanations of his symptoms and abhors any suggestion of a psychogenic etiology.

The community is often placed in difficult positions by lobby groups calling for drastic measures to eliminate alleged disease-inducing exposures. When hygienic evils occur simultaneously with an ESS epidemic, it is essential to strictly differ the hygienic problems from the ESS problems. If mismanaged, measures aimed at reducing hygienic inconveniences may aggravate the complex of ESS problems.

My, see how easy it is for a publichealth campaign to turn minds of mush into quivering masses of mental fodder just by inducement!

Clearly anti-smoking is a disease of the brain.

Your thoughts

6 thoughts on “OUR HOSTESS LIT UP OMG!

  1. harleyrider1978

    Kin Free 29 minutes ago

    It’s intriguing how some people can be brainwashed so comprehensively that it can induce this overwhelming delusional sense of entitlement above all others. It is really a sort of victim culture where they exploit their weakness and victim status to get their way.

    Have you noticed how so many sufferers of this mental weakness and susceptibility for manipulation also suffer from poor physical health such as asthma, allergies and a raft of other psychosomatic illness.

    I don’t suppose it would be any use to point out that smoking could actually prevent much of this poor health (both mental and physical) in anti smokers? The mere suggestion is likely to induce a heart attack in the most severely affected. (and, as non smokers, they are less likely to recover from one than a smoker).

    I’m sure Freud would be able to explain it if he was still around!



  2. Smoking Lamp

    Harley, You cab see a lively discussion with antismokers in this article about the upcoming smoking ban in Guam (formerly a smokers paradise). There are several antismokers who even condone the mass killing of smokers since they are addicts. These same nutcase claim smokers have no rights. Check out their vile hatred at “Guam ban on smoking in bars to become law in 2017” http://westhawaiitoday.com/news/state-wire/guam-ban-smoking-bars-become-law-2017

    Liked by 1 person

    1. harleyrider1978

      I was stationed in Guam for about 5 months. Place sux to high heaven. Only thing to do there is drink and smoke. I hit it backing up vinny!


  3. kin_free

    Hi Harley, I put a comment on yesterday’s post with a link to my google blog site but it hasn’t appeared. Have got links barred? Is it stuck in moderation or spam catcher ?



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